can this pc run bf3 at the highest settings

can this pc run bf3 in 32 vs 32 multiplayer mode on the highest settings, with 50+ fps, aa, and 1080p
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  1. That article is very old and outdated. His grafics card wasn't even on the market. (oct.2011)
    If you want to run bf3 on ultra with 4xAA at a steady 60fps on 1080p in a 32-64 mp map?
    You will need at least a 7970 or gtx 670.

    If you are talking about 40 to 50fps a 7950 or 660ti overclocked will do.

    edit: you want indeed AA and 50+fps on max settings get the 670 or 7970.
    There are enough reviews of those cards for 1080p gaming in bf3.
  2. i'd get an unlocked "k" edition intel... BF3 is largely cpu dependent, and the improvement in performance from a solid overclock will be noticeable. with an unlockable intel, you'll be bottlenecked by your cpu, and a point will come where you'll get zero improvement in fps from a better gpu.
  3. I think it should, if you compare it to the 600$ build here, 600$ build depending on the resolution you could exceed that mark, and you have a better cpu.

    it may be wise to go up to the 7950 or 7970 as suggested above, as this benchmark was not tested in multiplayer mode I would assume.
  4. That system with a 7870XT or LE will run BF3 64 player on ultra at 1080p or 1200p at 60+ fps.

    I'm sure a 7870 would be fine as well. Especially once overclocked.
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