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I recently posted on my idea to replace my Storm Scout with a Full Tower case. Why? Because I simply want something massive. Something big and airy, to accept any upgrades I may want to carry out ever.

I have two cases in mind. The fan noise doesn't matter, as I'll be outfitting both with a load of 12 dbA Zaward Golf III's. I would like to know which is the better case, in terms of how easy it is to cable manage, how easy it is to work with and how many fans you can put in it!

It's the BitFenix Shinobi XL Full Tower Gaming Windowed Case...

...vs the NZXT Switch 810 Matt Black

As you can see, the BitFenix is £115 and the NZXT is £150, but I have mildly fallen in love with the 810!

Best Regards
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  1. Best answer
    I'd personally take the Switch 810 without even thinking about it.
  2. Switch FTW!!
  3. +1 from me as well.
  4. agree with the others as long as money is not real important
  5. Well, looks like my decision is well and truly made for me! I'll be getting the Matt Black 810 and chucking the Zaward fans in it. Might even install a few led strips too! Thanks again for all of the help!
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