Saw a blue led fan for $3, said what the heck, now where should I put it?

My new build uses CM 200mm megaflow fans as well as 120mm Cougar turbine fans, so i'm good to go on airflow. But when I bought the last piece of my new build, the graphics card, I saw that newegg had a little 80mm blue 4-LED fan on sale for $3 and it had raving reviews about the great color it had. So I said what the heck, blue is the wife's favorite color and I think she would enjoy a blue glow in the case.
The case is a Coolermaster HAF 912, so it does not have a windowed side panel, but it does have a very open mesh front, a large top mesh opening and a side mesh opening. I figure this little fan could be placed somewhere in the case that will add a little bit of glow to those openings.

Where would be a good place to put the fan so it will have a good effect?

Here is the stock empty inside of the case(mine has the larger middle hard drive bay removed as well as the small SSD box in the lower middle removed):
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  1. The HAF 912 has no window for the blue LED light to be easily seen or useful. Moreover unless you mod the case, it doesn't (by default) come with a 80mm fan mount.
  2. I would say front (on the bottom) or top near the back. It's 80mm though so you're going to have to get creative to mount it, probably string or fish wire.
  3. That CM case doesn't have a place to mount an 80mm fan. Normally a LED fan would be mounted in the front, but this case has mount-points for two 120mm fans in the front. To put an 80mm fan there, you'll need to do something creative to tie it in place.
    Or, return it and get a 120mm blue LED fan.
  4. you do realize that an 80mm fan is going to very loud? Either way I have found that thin zip ties are excellent at mounting small fans as long as you can find a mounting point. As to where to put it, it would depend on how everything lays in the case itself.

    On my personal gaming rig in my pic, I use 3 rubber bands to hold an 80mm fan to the 120mm brackets on the side panel. Because of my cooler I can not fit a 120 there but an 80 fits quite nicely.
  5. Whether you need it to mount the fan or not, if you put a couple of rubber bands around it, that will prevent it from vibrating against the frame.
    Some 80mm fans are pretty quiet, but they won't move much air. If you just want the glow, you could get one of those blue LED kits like and put that in the front on the bottom, aimed up.
  6. Since you got the blue LED to look at -- just tape it to your keyboard.
  7. kittle said:
    Since you got the blue LED to look at -- just tape it to your keyboard.

    Ok now, got to admit that was funny.
  8. Or use it as a desk fan on a hot summer day.
  9. I guess I left out a few details. Since the fan was bought as a novelty piece, I don't care about using it as a fan. In fact I plan on hooking it up to one of the chassis fan plugs on the motherboard and setting it to run at around 10% speed at all times. I do not want to mount it in one of the case's fan mount locations because in my personal opinion, lit up fans that you can see from the outside look a little cheesy. So this fan will need to probably be mounted midship somewhere. I was thinking zipties were most definitely the way to go as far as mounting it goes.
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    Put it in the optical drive?
  11. completelyrandomname said:
    Put it in the optical drive?

    Hmm, I could hang it right behind that and it would be i a good position for top fan opening glow and maybe some front through-mesh glow but will be hidden. I'll give that a try.
  12. It should look good. Glad we could help.
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