Which PC headset outta these 3?

Hey guys,

Firstly I'm curious about the sound quality for music and games for each headset and if you think the extra £20 for the steelseries is worth it?.

I have 3 headsets in mind and I would love your opinions on which one you think is the best. These options are:

- Sennheiser PC 320
- Plantronics gamecom 780 (7.1 surround)
- steelseries siberia v2

I have tried the 780's before and maybe I just had a bad pair but within a few months the wire had tangled and curled and I guess it had pulled out of the headset and stopped working but the headset itself was great.

I hear very good reviews about the steelseries v2 but they are £20 more expensive than the other 2 headsets. The Sennheiser headset I'm not sure on that particular make but I heard they're a really good make.

Or if you have any other good headsets around the £40-50 mark, please let me know :).

Thanks in advance ladies and gents.
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  1. Never heard of Plantronics.
    I know Steelseries makes great quality products (never had experience with their audio).
    I know Senngeiser is a premeir, top-notch audio brand. Not sure about that particular model though. I would lean towards those just because of the things I've heard about the company.

    But compare reviews and prices! It is ultimately up to your tastes!
  2. Plantronics is a very popular brand. They make up most of the market for Xbox headsets (they also make equipment for teleconferencing etc) but their PC hardware inst revered as the best
  3. I have the Sennheiser PC360s. They are more than the 320s I think but the sound is outstanding.

    I've had 6 pairs of over-ear headphones in my life, for various purposes (gaming and music) and these are by far the outstanding pair.
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