Intel 3570K HD 4000 overclocking

With Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I was overclocking my HD 4000 to 1500 mhz with additional 187,5 mV, according to this article:

They say 1600 mhz = additional 425,8 mV...
But I found another review on:
where they managed to overclock to 1600 mhz just with additional 226,6 mV!

My question is: How can I calculate the additional voltage for my 1600 overclock?
Currently, I run on 1500 mhz @ +187,5 mV, but isn't it too much?
Help :!
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  1. why? a $50 video card would offer more performance than any OC'd hd4000.
  2. I don't know, HD 4000 is pretty good and better cards starts from $150 in my country.
  3. Every chip is different. They'll all need to have different voltages to run even at the same frequencies.
  4. So how can I find the correct voltage?
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    By testing it out, like any other type of overclocking.
  6. Okay, thanks.
  7. No problem!
  8. HD4000 graphics is actually very capable. It can run 90% of the games out there with no problem. People think games like Crysis 3 are the rule for games. When they are actually the exception to the rule because most games don't require that much HP to run.

    New games like Transformers: Fall of Cybertron have great graphics and can run on MAX settings with HD4000 graphics. I've had HD4000 graphics on a laptop of mine with a i7 to go along with it. And I had no problem running games like Borderlands 2 and CODII Black Ops on lowest settings. Even MMO's like World of Tanks ran quite fine with low-medium settings and this games fairy graphics intensive.

    So by overclocking HD4000 graphics it'll only get even better performance. I was gaming on a 1600x900 screen, but I imagine that a 1920x1080 screen won't be much different and could still play the games I've mentioned. Although games like Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Metro 2033, and Battlefield 3 probably won't be playable even at low settings. I'm sure you could still play them at 1200x800 resolution at lowest settings with 25-30FPS. So either way, you can enjoy almost every game. And for integrated graphics that's pretty good.
  9. Yep, and 3570K is a great cpu.
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