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Hello, my windows 7 freezes and crashes almost constantly. i have no idea what it could be. have checked ram timings and voltage. still no change.

have 3 minidumps. all of them say that its caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe, and adress ntoskrnl.exe+4ade0c

not all of my freezes result in a minidump. sometimes it freezes. and i have to force a restart. then everything is back to normal. then after everthing from 1min - 12hours it freezes again and i have to force a restart..

Hope you can help me.

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  1. Start with a boot cd of hirem boot cd. Run a virus scan and then run memtest86 and hdtune. Hdtune read the hard drive smart info see if the drive has any issues. Also run drive vendor fitness test. Also run hardware monitor check system temps and voltages.
  2. I ran memtest till 100% (17hrs) and no problem there, no viruses. and hdtune seems to be doing ok aswell.
  3. Check your mb bios Make sure it has all the bios patches. If it not ram or CPU or bios code issue the last would be a power supply issue where one of the legs not holding to atx spec. Try running hardware monitor and log the power supply voltages. Or see if a friend has a unit you can use to test with.
  4. I updated my bios 2 months ago. this happened after i installed a new graphics card (upgraded from gtx580 to gtx680).

    my PSU is a Silver Power SP-SS850 850W PSU

    Cpu Intel i7 980
    MB Asus rampage III formula socket 136
    Ram Corsair Vengance ddr3 1600mhz
  5. I have been having the same type of issue/s and have tried all the same help people have had to offer, in all the dfferent post I've read online.
    To actually fix this issue I ended up having to go to the device manager and check for driver updates on all my devices, one at a time. I think the ones that had updates that fixed this issue were the ACPIx64-based PC under the computer drop down and the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, specifically the ICH ATA and SATA AHCI controllers (I think these made the difference). I checked them all, but these were the only ones that had updates. Once those were updated and the computer was restarted, it has stayed on. It's been on for a day now and no problems so far.
  6. Try gpuz see if the new card running right in the pci slot. Also check to see if there a firmware update for the video card. Have you tried the older card to see iF it was hardware issue. Also try booting into safe mode and use a drive sweeper.
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