gigabyte radeon hd 7950 windforce or sapphire radeon hd 7950 vapor-x for gaming

hey everyone!
i will build my first pc and i dont know what to choose:
gigabyte radeon hd 7950 windforce.


sapphire radeon hd 7950 vapor-x

they are both 3 gb but the saphire runs at 970ghz and the gigabyte runs at 900 and they are both great for gaming and overclocking

wich one to choose?
any oder sugestions in a budget of 350$ max?

the oder parts that i choosed for my new pc:

cpu intel i5 3570k
mobo ashrock extreme4.
cm hyper 212 evo cpu cooler
gail 16 gb ram
620w psu
and a case from cm called haf 912 or something like that

thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd get the sapphire vapor-x card. Make sure you have a reliable power supply. Here's a good guide for choosing a power supply.
  2. Get low profile memory/Ram so you don't have to worry about installing your Cpu cooler.

    I have a Sapphire vapor X 7950 and I like it so far.

    Don't go cheap on the power supply. Get a 600W-760W gold rated or better power supply from Corsair or Seasonic. I have a Seasonic X-850 850W PSU an it is doing its job well. Also chose a modular one if you can. Corsair's HX or AX series will work or Seasonic's Platinum
    or X-series will also work.

    ---And to give you an idea on temps of the Sapphire Vapor X 7950 card, mine runs at about 30C idle, and about 54C gaming in 1080 in my CM Storm Scout 2 with all 9x120mm case fans installed at full blast.
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