windows 8 or windows xp for file storage / server?


I want to put together a low end system with Phenom x4 965 to migrate my files from my mac mini... (weird... I know...) but I am thinking about setup raid with 2+ duplicated hard drives...

Is windows 8 necessary just to keep my files safe, using for internet, emails, ms office? I have a windows xp desktop with retailed license that I am planning to decomission after 10+ years, so I should have my windows xp license to use? But I am concerned about security in the near future.

Because now windows 8 is like $119, however it is almost the price of my CPU + mainboard combined.... that is the whole computer... I have to use my MS Office license so putting xp first then windows 8 in the future doesn't seeem logical....
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    Windows XP is going out of support in less than a year(no more security patches), so you'd be better off with at least Windows 7.
  2. I will start looking for sales and coupons for windows 7 or 8!
  3. Personally, use the Mac Mini as a screen less file server and build yourself a little Windows 7 machine for your day to tday work.
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