How to connect an HDMI to a PC build?

Sorry if this is a simple question. I am really new at this :|

I have put together a very simple build for a desktop, but I have not purchased anything yet. I am looking at a motherboard that has an HDMI-out port. The case that I am considering has only USB and audio ports on the front, along with a few expansion slots at the back.

I already have a monitor that is currently connected to my laptop via HDMI. I want to know if there is a way to connect the motherboard's HDMI port to a port on the outside of the case, and then connect the monitor to that "mediating" port. In other words, I don't want to have to thread the cable inside the case and directly connect it to the motherboard.

I know that this is possible by purchasing a discrete graphics card, which will have an HDMI port available externally (through an expansion slot). However, I don't want to do that since I have no other need for a dedicated video card.

I am really sorry if this question is confusing and/or worded badly. I don't know how else to ask it :|
If you need clarification, let me know.

Thanks in advance :)
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    The motherboard hdmi port will be available at the rear of your pc when you install the m/b. It will hook up just like your laptop.

  2. Oh! You're right. I was visualizing the motherboard placement wrong I guess.

    Thanks! And sorry for the dumb question :P
  3. Not a dumb question at all. I'm not a visual either.

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