PC not recognizing monitor, keyboard and mouse

I just received a new replacement for an RMAd motherboard but now when I turn on my PC, the monitor immediately goes into power saving mode and switches to an amber/yellow light while the kb&m remain off.

The monitor, kb & mouse work fine on another computer.

Things I tried:

- Resetting the CMOS by removing the battery and putting it back in.
- Unplugging all the wires connected to the PSU, using a can of compressed air to dust off the inside, then reconnecting the wires.
- Using different cables.
- Turning it on w/ only one gpu inside

windows 7 64 bit
asus p8z77-Vdeluxe
16 gb DDR3 ram
intel core i7 3770K
x2 nvidia evga 670 GTX
corsair HX750
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  1. Thx for the link I went through the check list but w/ no success

    What I tried:
    - Completely reassembling PC
    - Checked for screws or wires under motherboard
    - checked CPU position and thermal paste
    - Checked for extra golden pins
    - checked if wires are plugged in right
    - Turned it on with only 1 RAM stick inside

    And does this motherboard beep during errors or do I need to buy a motherboard speaker?
  2. You need to connect to the onboard video out, that is the default primary video.
  3. thx but i tried that already, same result.
  4. I can barely see in a photo of your MB, but it does appear to have the 4 LED start-up indicators: CPU, RAM, GPU, and primary HD. DO all of these LED's turn on and then each one is supposed to turn off to indicate that each device has been properly recognized?
  5. I was going to blame the PSU but after reading a review, perhaps it is not the case -

    However, try only one video card and see if the PC boots up.
    Considering that there is a problem with power, it might be that the PSU is at fault.
  6. Best answer
    was finally able to resolve it by updating the bios via usb flashback. monitor, kb and mouse work now. thank all for the help.
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