Looking for a good PSU

I've been building a system, and I'm stuck on a PSU of all things. Here's my specs:

AsRock Z77 Extreme6
INTEL i5 3570k
2x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
A 1 TB hp HDD carried from previous computer
Some SSD (Probably 128 GB)
An hp DVD Burner Drive
Radeon 7870 (Don't know which manufacturer)

I'm looking at 750 watts, but I would hope to find one <100, with 80 plus and modular.
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  1. The 7870's need a good 500W supply. Two of them in CF need a good 600W supply.

    This one is a daily deal at Newegg today.
  2. That price is a steal ^
  3. Good pick ^^^^^^
  4. Best answer

    XFX 750w Gold Certified and fully modular ^ Seasonic made :D
  5. 750 gold for 110 is deal...
  6. I own one it's a great power supply.
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