Running h70/h80 with 1 fan on stock 8350


I am looking to replace my 8350 stock fan because it is incredibly loud. i was looking at the corsiar h70/h80 but i'm concerned that they will be too thick to fit nicely since i have a micro-atx board (they might cover the cpu).

the 8350 is stock and i'm wondering if either of these with 1 fan instead of 2 will be enough?

any help appreciated!

edit: also sorry this is in the wrong section... not sure how to get it into water cooling >.<
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  1. More important than the motherboard here, what case are you wanting to mount it in?
  2. I have the 8350 with the AMD FX branded water cooler and it works great. Hooked up to 2 fans (push and pull).I suggest looking into it.
  3. An aircooler would be a better choice if you're going for silence.

    Think Noctua NH-D14.
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