680sli,690,or Titan for 3d surround

I am upgrading to a 3D surround setup@5760x1080. First i need to know what connections i need to use the 3D surround. I have a custom water cooling loop and i will water cool the Graphics card(s). Which will best support Crisis 3,BF3 and WoW and be able to water cool? I was looking at EVGA 680 Hydro copper sli, EVGA titan hydro copper, or the 690 hydro copper.
my budget is about $1300. My concern with the titan was will it have the needed connections on it for 3D surround, if it does then the titan would be best right?
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  1. In 3D Vision, SLI is more like a single card setup, as every frame is made up of 2 images, which each card can create in tandem, then sent to the display buffer to be displayed in succession. I'd get 4GB versions of the 670 or 680. Ultimately, two Titans would work better, but that is costly. 3-way SLI does not help in 3D, with the way 3D Vision works, it do not support 3-way SLI. Perhaps you could wait a couple weeks to see what the 780 is like.
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