is my PSU keeping me back?

I got a 7870oc sapphire, and if i overclock even 10mhz above 1100mhz on the coreclock i will get a BSOD on heaven. But 1100 seems ok on 3 laps of heaven.

I have a 550w Coolermaster GX, which i researched and found to be more than sufficient to run this gpu, but is it sufficient enough to overclock it, i dont want to go buying a new psu only to find i still bsod on 1110 mhz.
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  1. 550W is enough, but Cooler Master isn't exactly a recommended brand.
  2. it was bought a few years ago to power my last build containing a 8800gtx, but i felt on my upgrade i did not need to change the psu regardless of brand, it seems to have enough power, just dont know why i cant get the gpu core clock over 1100 when 1150 is meant to be easily atainable on stock voltage, and thats the worse case, reports of 1250 on stock voltage with better scenarios, i really hate admitting i may have a bad chip, i just want to try everything, even going to older drivers.

    That should get you started on power supply requirements .
  4. GX 550 from crapmaster?
    Get a better psu then..

    Better PSU will not let you to overclock more..
    Better PSU will let your components to have longer life..
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