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Need help with choosing monitor set-up (24",27", IPS,TN)

May 3, 2013 5:20:37 PM

I have 2 monitors and would like to replace one. The one staying is 24" Samsung BX2450. It is hard to pair it with the same model-> still very expensive (275€ here in my country) TN matrix and actually hard to get(currently can't find it anywhere).

So I was thinking of getting some 24" and maybe IPS version. For about this kind of money or cheaper and was maybe thinking about 16:10 ratio. Any suggestions?

Than I found, what I think is pretty sweet one 27" LG IPS 16:9 though for around 300€ in my country (on even for 256€)

Use: poker!!, (and overall,movies,games,some webdesign and photoshop, not profesional).

The size is really important and I think 27" 16:10 would be sweet(didn't find good price point), but 27" 16:9 would be good as well. (2x 24" 16:9 would be OK, but not perfect).

My concerns and questions:
1. What do you think about chosen monitors, suggestions, alternatives...?
2. Is it better to own 2 of the same size and resolution monitors, since then they can really act as one and one window does not get re-sized if it is between the LCDs(or is the gap between them always a bit of a problem to use it that way)?
-2a- goes for all options 24" 16:9 and 16:10 and using 27" and 24" monitors?
3. It is worth it to get IPS right? If I have both I am also flexible with 2ms response time, or colors and angle?
4. What do you think about a cheaper 32" screen as a monitor, not good for using up close (arms length) and to expensive?