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Max temp recommended by Intel for my processor ( Q8200 ) is 71 C. I am hosting a Minecraft server and playing on that same computer. It's just for a few hours per day with my nephew. Using CPUID, I am finding that my core temps are ranging from 68-74 while the server, skype, and game are running. Actually, 2 cores are always between 72-74, with the other two in the 68-70 range.

Here's my question: Is the max temp Intel recommends measured outside of the individual cores? Meaning I am not actually hitting that max temp because the temp I am reading is coming from inside the cores and not from wherever Intel measures it? Or is my PC going to go up in flames?
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    Those temp ranges are OK. If you don't have air conditioning in your house, it will become a problem once the summer starts to heat up though.
  2. Get a good cooler for it and your good regardless of season.
  3. I'm in Florida, so it's already 85 degrees out ( yuck ). I do have a/c. Thanks.
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