Compatibility Issues with GA-P35C-DS3R and ASUS GTX 650?


I have recently decided to update some components in my PC here of late. I purchased an ASUS GTX 650 DCU card from amazon, when I install the hardware my pc will recognize the card, but won't utilize it. In device manager it will show NVidia gtx650 but shows an error code 43. I have already wiped the old drivers , installed new ones. . . . . . Updated literally almost every driver in my pc. I am just out of ideas.

My MOBO is a GA-P35C-DS3R
Processor is an Intel E8600
PSU is Cooler Master GX750w Bronze

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. Is your monitor connected to the card?
  2. Lol , Yessir VGA cable to port on card.
  3. Would the PCIe slot on my mother board be an issue? It is only a PCIe 1.
  4. Actually it's PCI Express 1.1 which should have no problem with PCI Express 3.0
    It is compatible.
  5. Well , I'm completely stumped over this issue. I have already updated my mobo bios as well....... Still just fails to detect gpu, but it show up in device manager
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