Can't Install To GPT Via UEFI

I am trying to install Windows 7 64 bit to a 3TB HDD formatted using the GPT format. I've tried booting from the CD in UEFI as well as a USB Flash drive in UEFI. Both result in Windows installer going to select the partition in which to install Windows error "Windows cannot install to this partition. It is formatted in the GPT format."

This is a brand new computer/HDD out of the box that I've built.
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  1. Make sure the efi bios is up to date and you have to hit few keys to bring up disk part on windows DVD installer.
    Google how to install gpt in windows 7 64 bit it the first link in google.
  2. if i remember correctly GPT partitions are NOT bootable

    much easier to use a SSD for boot then the 3TB for storage (as GPT)

    i did try a UEFI 3tb boot drive a while back with an ASUS motherboard (very similar bios to yours) -- failed misrably, the drive showed a 2tb partition followed by an un-usable ~1tb partition

    i think its more a MBR ~2tb limit problem more then anything

    "Can Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 read, write, and boot from GPT disks? - Yes, all versions can use GPT partitioned disks for data. Booting is only supported for 64-bit editions on UEFI-based systems"

  3. The BIOS is updated and is ONLY UEFI enabled. I've run:

    DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly
    DISKPART> clean
    DISKPART> convert mbr (or gpt)
    DISKPART> create partition primary
    DISKPART> select part 1
    DISKPART> active (if this is the boot partition)
    DISKPART> format fs=ntfs label=(name) quick

    on the HDD. Shift + F10 brings up CMD during install. Still gives me the error. Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to finding a solution!
  4. First yes GPT partitions are bootable but there are a few requirements. For one when booting the install media you need to bring up the boot menu for your motherboard and select DVD boot EFI if I remember correctly. The standard bootstrap will not from what I understand install to GPT partition. There should be two options standard boot and EFI select EFI.

    I have Windows 7 x64 installed to a WD 3tb drive on the same board a Asus Z77 Sabertooth. What I had to do to get it to work was to disconnect all the other drives on my system and then install. But since I had tried to install Windows 7 x64 before I disconnected my other drives I ran a console window before the install and used DiskPart to clean the drive first then did a reboot back into the installer and went from there. After the install I was able to reconnect the rest of my drives and go from there.

    I am not sure of the reason but with the other five hard drive connected the install would just fail on Windows 7 and Windows 8. I think it has something to do with secure boot but I am not really sure of the exact cause.
    Windows 8 x64 on 120gb SSD Windows 7 x64 on WD 3tb
    The rest of my hardware in this rig:
    Asus Z77 Sabertooth
    i5 3570K
    16gb G Skill DDR3 1600
    SLI Gigabyte GTX 670
    Corsair H100i
    In Win GRone White
  5. Unfortunately my resolution is somewhat vague. While the BIOS was stating that the DVD (or USB flash drive) was the first in the boot priority AND UEFI enabled Windows still would not recognize it was started via UEFI. What I did was rollback the BIOS to a previous version and did the same exact steps in the same exact way and it just worked.
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