is Corsair GS600 good for my PC build?

Here's some of my PC specs:
MoBo: Intel® Desktop Board DG41RQ (3 Y/O)
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8300 (3Y/O)
GPU: Asus GTX650 1gb ddr5 128bit (New)
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR2
HDD: 2 Hard Drives (I don't know the details)
DVD: None

Other Questions:
1. Is my processor gonna bottleneck my GPU?
2. I don't plan on overclocking or anything since i know my pc rig is not really for gaming but i just want to play newer games in a decent graphics.. so is my build good for my purpose??
3. Should I also buy a cooling system?
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    1. Yes, but very little - not noticeable. So in a sense, no. But technically, yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. No.
  2. Yes, if you want to save money go for a 500w PSU, Corsair or XFX. if you don't already have the GTX 650, go for a HD 7850, might be slightly more but you will get every last drop out of that system.
  3. i see, thanks for the info and now my thoughts are clear.. i have already bought the PSU and GPU so i guess i have no other choice but to stick with it
    thanks a lot :)
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