Computer won't recognize monitor, mouse & keyboard on boot

I just received a new replacement for an RMAd motherboard but now when I turn on the PC, the monitor immediately goes into power saving mode and switches to an amber/yellow light while the kb&m remain off.

The monitor, kb & mouse work fine on another computer.

Things I tried:

- Resetting the CMOS by removing the battery and putting it back in.
- Unplugging all the wires connected to the PSU, using a can of compressed air to dust off the inside, then reconnecting the wires.
- Using different cables.
- Turning it on w/ only one gpu and one ram stick inside
- Completely reassembling PC
- verifying CPU position and thermal paste
- checking if wires are plugged in right

windows 7 64 bit
asus p8z77-Vdeluxe
16 gb DDR3 ram
intel core i7 3770K
x2 nvidia evga 670 GTX
corsair HX750
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    Look at the mb ser number label they may have sent you a mb with an old bios. I would pull the gpu and then use if your mb has it the asus USB flash back. Also check that your 4/8 pin atx power plug is in tight. If the mb bios is up to date. See if a friend has a power supply you can use. A lot of times the power good line will drop below atx spec. It cause the CPU not to post but the other stuff like led and fans will work.
  2. Your motherboard support site:

    1) unhook all HDD/SSD's (leave DVD drive)

    2) remove BOTH graphics cards and use the onboard DisplayPort or HDMI if possible (if your BIOS is pre-set to iGPU perhaps the video is actually there. Probably not... ).

    3) *Your motherboard has both:
    a) LED indicators next to key components (see motherboard manual)
    b) ERROR CODE LED (manual 2-23)

    You should see these CODES changing as tests are run in POST, then show a SINGLE CODE.

    4) Is your CPU fan spinning up at all? If so, does it stay spinning?
  3. Ok so thanks to smorizio it finally works... I followed the suggestion to update the bios via usb flashback and now the monitor is on and plugged to the onboard hdmi port and the kb&m are being recognized

    Thanks again
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