Connet two mobile phones for calling purpose through a hub/headsets

I would like to connect two mobile phones through headsets for calling purpose because I am living in border area (different network systems). My plan is that when I call to a phone with same network he/she will pick up and connect with headset and the mobile phone with different network call to the phone that I want to call. Is there a way to connect or a device? Oversea call to Burma is too expensive.

A-------Network 1------->B-----Through a device/headset------>C----Network 2--------->D

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  1. Sounds like you want to hook up your data phones by wifi and then use be using data of the network you logged into.
  2. He wants to use another phone to relay him onto another carriers voice network, which isn't happening.

    As said use Skype or any of a half dozen other VOIP or voice messenger solutions.
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