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Hello, Firstly Sorry if this is the incorrect board but i really need help!! I use a "52 samsung plasma tv as my pc monitor and i have recently had issues only with simcity after selecting server screen it then proceeds to go black and flash an info box saying " mode not supported try diff resolution" problem is i have tried diff resolution and refresh rates all to no avail. Any help would be awsome.

btw my gpu is a 560ti and im using an i7 3.2ghz if that helps
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  1. It's a sign that you should return the horrendous game. :)
  2. Fair enough, I do feel like it is an issue with simcity because i do continue to play other titles quite nicely.
    Either way i feel like a reinstall may do something im kinda desperate any running out of ideas.
    I understand the hate for Simcity but i still feel like its a blast to play when it works.
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