Intel I3 3210 upgrade from E7500 core 2 duo + AMD 6870 GPU

My Current System specs
CPU : Intel Core 2 duo e7500 2.93 Ghz
MotherBoard: Gigabyte G31M S2L
GPU: AMD HD 6870
Monitor: Dell , Native LCD Rez : 1900 x 1000

I would like to know what kind of gaming performance increase am i going to see if i upgrade my CPU to Intel I3 3210

Specs for both cpus:

I know my current cpu is creating a bottleneck for my GPU. I have the following games currently installed on my system which are almost unplayable at any settings possible.

-Assassin Creed 3 (Unplayable, 10-20 fps at any possible setting)
-Far Cry 3 (Native Rez , Settings Medium to high, Shadows low , aa x0) Avg fps : 25- 35

These games are playable but sometimes things get tough !! :(
Tomb Raider (2013)

My Budget 207$
( I3 + new motherboard fit perfectly.)

Bottomline is , i do not want to spend this money and see no major performance increases vs my current processor.

So finally are some things i want to know:

-Should i go for I3 ? if not then which processor should i go for in this budget ?

-Will I3 3210 still bottleneck my GPU ?
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  1. not much, and you'll need a new mobo, i5 minimum to see a decent improvement
  2. i went from an e5200 @ 3.75 GHz to the i3-2120
    and i got a very nice improvement.
  3. /
    adamdbz said:
    i went from an e5200 @ 3.75 GHz to the i3-2120
    and i got a very nice improvement.

    on what gpu? what games?

    dual for a dual + HT not a great upgrade imo. dual for a slower clocked quad is worth it. Save for another month or two, sell some dvds you won't watch on ebay, try for a cheaper mobo, B75 not Z77 (as you won't be OCing) and you'll make the difference up.
  4. get i5 minimum,because still e7500 can handle many games just fine.aim for i5 3330p atleast
  5. Can someone explain to me what exactly do i need to upgrade if i want to run the following games at Med-High settings on 1900x1000 rez ?

    -Far Cry 3
    -Assassins Creed 3

    Desired FPS (Min 35 - Max 45 or more )

    I have my system specs in the post. I think my GPU is powerful enough or noh ?
    I thought the real bottleneck here is CPU, or is it something else ?
  6. Yes you need better gpu like gtx 660
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