Quick help on GPU?

Hi, I am in the process of doing an external build, I got everything hooked up, and I am just connecting my PSU to my GPU.

There are 2 ports on it for power cables.
1 6 Pin that i already plugged in.
1 8 Pin that is a problem, my PSU has 8 pin cable, but it is split into two. Is is necessary to plug the 8 pin in? New eggs video shows him only plugging in 1 power cable...

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  1. is the 8 Pin split into a 6+2 or a 4+4 config? If its 4+4 don't put it in, its intended for CPU's.

    You HAVE to plug in the 8 pin otherwise you won't be able to game at all really. Mind telling us what your GPU is?
  2. I have a radeon 7970. The 8 pin is split into 2x2 things. It is split half, so 4 and 4. Thanks
  3. That's a CPU connector then - should be plugged in at the top of your mobo (unless a PSU with two EPS12V cables). You want an 8-pin one that splits into a 6-pin and a 2-pin, or just a whole 8pin that cannot split. Should have PCI or PCIe written on it.
  4. You might be able to use one of these if you have a good enough power supply:
  5. Ok, so.

    There are 2 8 PIN cables, the one that doesn't split is the supplemental CPU power lead and the other one that is split I don't know what to do with.

    The main mobo power is connected and a 6 pin is in the GPU

    This is an external build btw.
  6. Look up your power supply specifications. The split 8 pin is usually for the motherboard so it will work in older boards that need only 4 pins. The solid 8 pin is probably for pcie graphics cards. But don't take my word for it, please check your power supplie's manual or on-line specs.
  7. Alright, so I got a 4+2 pin connector and a 4 pin in the GPU, so that's sorted. Now in the manual it says there are 2 CPU cables, 8/4 (2x4 pins) and just a whole 8. Right now there is a 8 pin in it for the CPU, is that right? Or should I use 8/4 Pin one?

  8. You really have me confused now.
  9. I'll give you a picture, 1 second.
  10. BUMP doesn't seem to be working, basically I got a full 8 pin cable and one 8 pin cable divided in half so 4 pin and 4 pin, which one do I use for my CPU power?
  11. Usually the solid 8 pin will be for pcie graphics cards and the split 4+4 will be for the motherboard. But as I said, you should make sure with the power supply's manual or on-line support. Good luck.
  12. I have plugged everything in, I have 2 available cables for the CPU, 8 pin or a 2 - 4 pin cable. GPU is hooked up already, so I still have 2 cables and I can use 1 for the CPU, I'm asking which one...?

    Thanks though
  13. Doesn't matter now :D


    Now to put in the case. I'm so happy xD Nothing beats the feeling off successfully putting parts together. Thanks all :)
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