Wait for haswell and GTX 780?

Hey guys, I've been reading around and I've heard that there's a chance that Nvidia might release their 780 by the end of the month. Should I take the chance and wait or just get a 680? Also should I wait for haswell as a new builder. Or just go ivy bridge, because from some pictures of z87 mobos it looks like it support more PCI and Sata connections. Also will it most likely be really expensive when it first comes out?
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    Those new parts will likely be expensive on release. Old parts will go down a little in price. New parts will be about 10-15% faster. You have to make up your own mind if you want these benefits and are willing to wait and pay the premium. If it were me and I had the money right now, I'd select the best stuff I can afford in my budget and go ahead. If your philosophy is to wait for the new stuff you will never buy because new stuff is coming along indefinately.
  2. Maybe wait for the 780. Do not wait for Haswell.
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