Is it worth buying a MacBook Pro ?

I am student and within a year I am going to get a Laptop for me for college.
My budget is $1200 to $1500.
Is it worth buying a MacBook Pro because other laptops running on windows are cheap and Have the same hardware ?
For example : Lenovo Idea pad Y500
What do you think about it ?
And if I would buy a Mac, a refurbished on because I can't afford a new.
Here's one I found at Apple store w/ Retina Display :

But the price is very high for me.
Can you suggest one with these specs :core i7 , 8gb ram, ssd , 1gb or 2gb graphics.

Any help would be appreciated .
Hope some one helps.......
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  1. You can get a Macbook Pro without Retina Display for 1.499$
  2. the 1499 dollar MacBook does not have a dedicated graphics :(
    Can you suggest any other laptop ?
    Should be thin like the MacBook
    What's your opinion ?
  3. Alain123 said:

    I'll second the Y500 - I just got one and it's an awesome laptop. It's way better than my old Toshiba was. I would not pay the 3X premium for a Macbook Pro, especially one with Retina display.
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