USB 3.0 Ports not working

The USB 3.0 ports on my case and on my motherboard are not working at all. USB 2.0 ports do work however. I am using a Patriot XT 32 GB USB 3.0 flash drive and my computer simply does not detect it. (Home built PC) My old USB 2.0 flash drive drew power from the 3.0 port for a second because its light lit up when it was plugged in though it was not detected by my PC still. I have tried other USB devices in my 3.0 ports as well and none of the ports detect anything.

My motherboard is the Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0. Are there some kind of drivers that are required to make USB 3.0 work?
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    Yes usb 3.o requires drivers they will be available on Asus's website.
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