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I have a 580 and with my 4k 30hz tv coming Monday I will be goofing off for awhile in 1440p at 30fps until I upgrade to what? I'm ready for a titan but should I not wait for the reviews of the 7xx in a few weeks? (btw this is for fun so I realize I will be playing at 30fps)
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  1. From what we have seen so far the new 7990 should be the best option.
  2. even a good overclocked gtx 680 will be enough for 30fps at 1440p..

    misread your sentence, I believe you mean downscaling to 1440p until you get a better card?

    For a 4k resolution, I suggest the best card on the market. Which is the 7990. Ore you can go for the Asus Ares 2
  3. waiting is i guess better as its only 2 months
  4. I'm surprised by the 7990 recommendations, given that all the reviews of it has been quite negative:

    The problem with it is microstuttering and a bad coil whine.

    You are much better off with 670 4GB SLI before going with a 7990. A couple Titans would be ideal, but way expensive.
  5. Just for my ease I will stick to NVidia cards. I realize cost per value is not as a big issue in this specific case but it still exists. I would think a titan so I can eventually sli? Also seems to me I have to take the most powerful if I want 4k at 30fps and demands will only increase this year. I'm thinking a 7xx will be cheaper but less powerful, and I'm at the rare spot where I don't get to weigh cost/performance and just need power? I don't know seems like I should wait for 7xx reviews because I think I will have fun at 1440p on 50 inches for a month or so.
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