HP Pavilion g7-2118nr CPU Upgrade

My g7-2118nr came with a AMD A6-4400M. I have just upgraded the ram to max 8gb & switched to a SSD. My nexted planned upgrade is the CPU, but not finding any information on what it can hold. Any ideas?
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  1. Any second gen AMD APU will have the same socket. That means either A8-4500M or A10-4600M. Not sure how much it is to buy a laptop CPU/APU. They are usually more expensive, and upgrading them is much harder than on a desktop.

    I usually recommend against CPU swaps on a laptop.
  2. It can probably take whatever options were offered on that exact model at the time it was sold and that's about it. Like if they offered an A8 option when it was sold, it should take that. Laptop BIOS are usually locked down pretty tight and only support a small range of CPU's. Looking at the specs though, it looks like that model came with only the 1 CPU and probably not a lot of options and you're stuck with what it has. Laptop CPU's are expensive anyways.
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