with 8 pin power plugged in cpu fan tries to start..without it everything spins up but wont boot

msi 970a-g43
amd 6100
evga 8800gts
stock cpu cooler
8gb ddr3 ram 4x2gb
850w psu

i was changing my monitors out from a couple older ones to a new tv i was going to use and i plugged in the optical out cable to the video card then it shut down the whole computer...i have tried jumping the psu and the fan spins up so it works, but when i plug in the 8 pin, 24 pin, video card and pcie power and try to boot the cpu fan starts to spin but wont start and the system does not boot. but when i unplug the 8 pin power and try it then all the fans connected spin up, but i get no video output on the monitor. btw i do not currently have a case so i am manually jumping the mobo. i have tried taking out all the ram with the same results
any and all ideas would be appreciated
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  1. Have you tried your old configuration?
    Also do you have a SSD by any chance?
  2. Umm, you have no case? So this is basically a bread-board system?
    How do you manage to stop the video card from falling over? The video card does need to be firmly in a slot, any movement will cause a possible issue.

    You should try to get a case, any case, even one thart has been lying in a ditch by the roadside would be better than no case at all.
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