GTX 650 ti vs GTX 650 TI Boost

Hello! Im wondering if it's worth the extra cost to go for the boost version.. currently im running a AMD FX 8350 @ 4.0 GHz (8 cores) CPU with an Radeon HD 7570

Would i be able to slip by with a 460w PSU or is that needing to be upgraded no matter which path i take.
Graphics wise, i mostly do photoshop and minor gaming like Diablo 3 and StarCraft II. I currently get around 30-40 fps at high and shadows off in D3 and SC2

As an aside.. here's the rest of my system

Samsung 140 pro series 128 G SSD + 2 TB regular clunker.
23" IPS display @ 1920x1080
8 GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz (can be upgraded to 32)

Thank you in advance!

p.s. "no point upgrading is also an option too"
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  1. should be the boost
  2. You will need a new PSU.
  3. The 650 ti boost is more closer to a 660(non-ti) than the regular 650 ti. If u have the money just go for the boost. If u dont then just go with a 650 ti.
  4. Get the boost as it is quite a bit better and only marginally more. What brand PSU do you have? If its a low end you will need a new one but if its a good brand idk but i think it will work. I'm not too knowledgeable in power supplies so get someone else's opinion
  5. I probably have some generic brand one.. aka not that good.. Ill look into the boost for sure.. and probably a power supply.. any good ones that you can recommend off the top of your head by any chance? thanks again!!
  6. that power supply should be plenty thats a 2gb version of the boost
    thats a 1gb version of it, EVGA is a great company, they have awesome support too.
  7. 650ti boost is around 40% faster than 650ti. It has best price to performance in ur budget. Get the evga one they have best customer support

    U need a good psu like this one
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