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ok so today i made it my mission to set up eyefinity. Although i only have 2 identical monitors, i went ahead and took an acer monitor from my mac to hook up. all monitors have native resolution of 1680x1050. I hooked up the 1 dell to the hdmi through a dvi to hdmi adapter. the other dell i used the dvi plug. the acer was plugged into a mini display port to vga (only output) also taken from my mac. My gpu has 2 mini display, dvi, and hdmi. the mini to vga is apples (active adapter) the problem i get is that whatever monitor is plugged into it (tried all 3) is locked at 640x480 resolution. i dont understand why because it should work. i got a message that said the requested resolution couldnt be supported, but only when i "tricked" windows into thinking the dells were the same monitor. i am probably going to pick up a mini to dvi but im confused on why this isnt working. any hlep would be appreciated.
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  1. Did you ever fix this???? I'm having the exact same problem.
  2. firaaero said:
    Did you ever fix this???? I'm having the exact same problem.

    yea, now im running 2 dell 2009w's and the same samsung one. i have the dells running through hdmi to dvi, and dvi. the samsung only has a VGA. If your using an apple adapter then the problem is the adapter. Although my mini to vga works with my macbook it doesnt work with my gpu. I bought . My gpu came with a mini display port to display port adapter, so i have all of those adapters hooked up lol. However i had trouble getting the samsung to be recognized and display its native resolution. I tried to bypass the resolution lock through the registries, but there was a simple fix for me. I just needed to download the drivers off the samsung website. Hope that helps eyefinity is awesome. It will probably work with a different adapter, but the one i linked is the exact version i have bought from the same buyer so it will definitely work. If you need more help just let me know
  3. Oh and the apple mini to dvi had the same issue as the vga. I had borrowed my dads before buying one.
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