Cisco Linksys Wireless hook-up

I am trying to hook-up my CISCO Linksys E1000 wireless. How do I hook up the wires to get them to perform properly??
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  1. There only two wires that are needed. First is Ethernet cable to go from the wan port to the cable modem. The other four Ethernet ports on the back are the same. Most routers for first time set up need to be hard wired..plugged into a pc and have the install/set up disk run to set up router ssid (device name that you see broadcasted). And to turn on password so your whole naborhood does not log onto your network.
  2. Ethernet cable from your modem to input on router (usually yellow).

    If you are running your desktop or laptop "direct", ethernet cable from one of the four ports on the router to the ethernet port on your pc.

    If you are running wirelessly, only the modem to router is needed.

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