Is this going to be a problem? 4 pin power connector

So I just realized that my motherboard only has a 4 pin power connector. Is this going to be a problem for me? Here is what my rig looks like (parts already purchased and coming):

motherboard -
psu -
7850 1GB
2x4GB ddr3 1600 Corsair Vengeance

I do not plan on overclocking, but I plan to run some pretty cpu invensive games on high settings. Am i in trouble? Do I have to buy an adapter or a different motherboard?


PS - I know the PSU is was on sale cheap.

Edit - I'm concerned because I bought a low end board and I see most other boards have an 8 pin power connector instead of a 4 pin. Just wanting to make sure my cpu will run fine under heavy load and that my psu will be able to connect to it.
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  1. What do you mean your board has a 4 pinn and a 24 pinn..
  2. no, no problem. plug only goes on 1 way and there's nothing on the board to interfere with the "overlap".

    you also linked the board twice.
  3. The link you posted for the psu leads to the motherboard.
  4. You missed the 24 pin ATX power connector, I take it?

    Many motherboard have JUST that - the 4 pin connector is JUST for giving the CPU more juice when overclocking.
  5. If it matters, I fixed my PSU link
  6. Best answer
    No problem. the Seasonic has a 4/8 pin so it works with boards with 4 pins and 8 pins.
  7. Thanks for the input. So I'm assuming this means that my cpu will have enough power with only a 4 pin connection? Why does 8 pin exist? Who needs 8 pins?
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