ATT RG port 7 UDP forwarding looks ok, but still can't be seen publicly...

I have previously done this successfully on my old Residential Gateway from ATT. Now I have a 3801HGV. I want to enable WOL via internet. Got my BIOS/windows config set.

What I did:

1) I set a static IP from the private pool, firewall enabled. I had no choice but to keep WAN IP mapping to the router's IP

2) I added a port forward via the pinholes/DMZ settings tool, and created 2 manual applications (i.e. I did not choose a specific type):
2.1) Port 7 is TCP
2.2) Port 9 is UDP
Both show their public IP as the router's public IP.

3) I double-checked in windows that my ipconfig shows my private static IP to be the same as the router thinks it is. Confirmed.

However, when I try to test this by going to or other alternative online tools, none of these ports respond.

I'm stumped now. Am I missing something? Looked around the net, nothing. Any pointers will be met with great appreciation.
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    Hey there Timstertimster!

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  2. Dear Tom's hardware. You must be mistaken. nobody seems to know. Or care. anyways It doesn't mater anymore. I moved on. Thanks for spamming me for no good reason, though, I appreciate it.
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