What would be a good upgrade for my Alienware M17x Video Cards?

Could anyone give me a good upgrade for my Dual NVidia GeForce GTX 260M Video Cards that I have in my Alienware M17x? I've had this computer for several years and have had nothing but problems with the video. I've tried to install several different drivers from different locations since Dell doesn't offer an updated driver for her anymore. Just would like to get more bang out of my buck for my Karaoke/DJ Computer. Usually when I run out for Karaoke I run out the HDMI Slot to a big screen tv and run 720p videos. Thank you for any recommendations.Describe your thread
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  1. Usually you can not upgrade video cards in laptops.
  2. affroman112 said:
    Usually you can not upgrade video cards in laptops.

    yes you can if you havent already look at the 7970m raedon or the 680m nvidia raedon is cheaper but its good
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