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So today out of the blue my microphone just stopped working. I got on skype with a friend and they were unable to hear me, it was working two days prior. The only adjustment I've done in the past two days was fixed my computer heatsink. I did realize that I didn't have an audio jack plugged in (the AC 97/HD audio) neither of them were plugged in. I attempted to plug both in one at a time and still mic doesn't work. Another issue I'm experiencing is when I plug both my mic and my headphones into the front panel audio jacks I get a non stop studdering noise. This only happens when both are plugged in at the same time.

My headset is only a few months old, it's a sennheiser PC 360. It's somewhat alarming that the mic would just give out like that, so I'm hoping it's something else.

CPU Specs:
Biostar H61MGC MOBO
CoolerMaster Storm Trooper Case
Intel i-5 2400

I am using onboard audio.
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  1. In skype (during video or out of video) press on the cog wheel, and go to microphone settings- make sure it is not set to any title that says "LINE IN".

    :) Happy i could help (if this works)

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