Can a cool master hyper 212 fit my case?

Hey all found out my liquid cooler leak on my graphics card causing it to burn out. I was wondering will a coolmaster hyper 212 evo fit a raidmax viper. Never going back to liquid cooling thanks...

SOrry using phone to text this cause puter down xD
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  1. Btw im using corsair vengeance ram and a gigsbyte z77 d3h motherboard with a i 3570k
  2. Yes it should but it won't leave much clearance.
  3. It looks like it should fit just fine.
  4. Thanks never want a liquid cooler again! !
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    its a 185mm wide case and the hyper evo is 158mm tall. i usually write off 25mm for the distance of the cpu from the back of the system (that's a high number, just for safety... most cases don't have that much room behind the motherboard tray). so it looks like the hyper evo will be right up against the case side...

    yeah. i'd say it should fit.
  6. Fit perfectly! Thanks...
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