I7-2700k temp running high

Bought a i7-2700k and with stock heat sink and settings idle its at 50c and with little load it jumps up to 70c-95c I've re applied the thermal paste three times now... Any ideas?
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    Hello mate.

    Make sure you haven't used too much thermal paste, too much will isolate the heat, which will give higher temperatures. The pea-sized dot in the middle of the CPU is the easiest and best way, in my opinion, to to put on thermal paste. The heatsink will spread the thermal paste for you.

    Also make sure the stock cooler's pins is all the way through your MOBO.

    Stock coolers is highly dependent on air flow, so if you have a case with bad air flow then it might be an issue as well.
  2. For me the stock cooler couldn't hold onto my board tight enough so I just laid it on its side and now it's idle 30C will prolly just get an aftermarket cooler
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