Looking for a good all around laptop (15" screen, i7, 8-cell)

Hey everyone,
I have never needed a laptop, as I dont travel much, and I have my main PC that does more than everything I need. I am going overseas in the end of the month and have been tinkering with the thought of finally getting a laptop to use on the trip and in the future.

I don't game too much anymore but once in a while I do enjoy playing a few. I am a heavy all around PC user, heavy web browsing, media (mostly music etc), encoding/decoding.

I know my computers inside and out but when it comes to laptops im pretty clueless as I have never cared to follow them.

Budget: $800-1000 (trying to keep this as low as possible)

Some requirements that I would like in a laptop are

-the smaller the laptop is the better (weight and dimention wise)
-I7 processor
-15" screen (1080p) - I think this is the perfect size, 17 might be too big and 14 -too small
-1tb HD with a replaceable spot for a SSD (installed by me)
-8-cell battery
-dedicated graphic card
-replaceable ram (planning on getting atleast 16gb)

I would appreciate any feed back on any current popular setups or any suggestions on what would fit my needs.

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  1. Now it looks like im torn between the UX32VD & the y500.

    I can get a UX32VD in almost new condition for $850 right now, or I can side for a brand new Y500 with a nvidia 750m for around $900.

    UX32VD - $850 (price doesnt include my upgrades)
    -13" (1080p)
    -Nvidia 620m
    -10gb ram (upgraded by me)
    -512ssd (upgraded by me)
    -A lot smaller and ligher

    -Nvidia 750m
    -1tb hd
    -8gb ram

    The y500 is much bulkier but more powerful as well.

    Any one have input on this choice?
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