Since I restored my Win 7 with Acronis it wont boot up

I used my Acronis to restore my Win 7 and when it was complete it said that the restore was successful but when I went to reboot it would not do so as the error message said that boot driver was missing
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  1. If you can boot in safe mode you can try to restore the system again. If it doesn't work, you'll have to restore the system using the Windows disc.
  2. My two cents.

    Asus P7H57D-V EVO board running Intel RST RAID 10. Running on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
    Loaded Acronis True Image Home 2012.
    Wasn't able to restore a verified backup of my RAID 10 array (Acronis is useless software and they want you to pay for the plus pack after they have proven their incompetence).
    NOTE: The ATIH Linux Recovery Environment Boot Disk did not properly show my RST RAID 10.
    Upon reboot Windows reported an 0Xc000000e error and could not login in.
    Windows repair boot disk recovery environment (RE) was unable to repair (loaded the latest intel RST iastor driver with the load driver button from a USB key).
    I could go to BOOT directory on the system reserved partition and bootrec /rebuildbcd would recognise my windows installation, but when I enter Y it would spit out an error.

    My solution:
    The following assumes your partition is not corrupt or damaged and your important data is backup (don't blame me because my instructions are not that thorough as I am typing it out by memory).
    For whatever reason, the diskpart volume drive letters no longer corresponded to the system drive letters (how is this possible, I blame the Acronis TIH Linux Environment Boot Disk).

    In Windows RE go to repair windows, load necessary drivers for your hard drive controller, go to command prompt.
    use the command
    wmic logicaldisk get name
    then go through each of your drives listed and check for which one has the windows directory.

    enter the following command

    in the diskpart utility you can enter DIR or HELP or ? for a list of commands and familiarise yourself.

    now check if your drive with the windows directory is under a different letter than it should be.

    IF your system reserved is C: (or incorrectly match what your windows directory is in the command prompt you can).
    SELECT VOLUME {corresponding drive letter or number of system reserved}
    ASSIGN (will assign a new letter)
    ACTIVE (I believe that the system reserved volume with the BOOT directory has to be marked as active)

    SELECT VOLUME {corresponding drive letter or number of your windows directory volume}
    ASSIGN LETTER-C (or whatever letter it shows up in the command prompt outside of the diskpart utility)

    You should be out of diskpart and back into your vanilla command prompt
    You can now issue the
    bootrec /rebuildbcd
    in the command and hopefully it will locate your windows directory and you be able to add it appropriately with Y.

    Best of luck.
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