Best GTX 670 Model Under $420

Looking to build a new pc, wondering what gtx 670 model was best and under $420. Also, these 3 cards are what in deciding between the most:

GTX 670 FTW Sig2:

GTX 670:

GX 670 DC2:
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  1. If your case has good airflow, go for the ASUS, as the the card will stay cooler and run quieter, but it dumps more of the heat into your case instead of straight out the back.

    Go for one of the evga if your case has less airflow, preferably the one with dual-fans for obvious reasons.
  2. That's a good deal on the Asus card after rebate.

    I have the Asus GTX 670 and would easily recommend it or either of the following:

    Gigabyte 670

    MSI 670

    The asus card is the quietest of the bunch, and the coolest(Zotac is cooler I think).

    There's no reason to go EVGA, they are over rated in my opinion.

    For more in depth details on all the 670s:,3217.html
  3. If u have bar airflow go with evga ftw, they also have great support.
    If u have good airflow go between asus or sig 2.
    I would get the sig 2 if u have good airflow.
  4. The GTX 770 will be out in 3 weeks. It should be faster than the GTX 680 for the same price as a 670. It's basically just a refreshed 680.
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