Display Driver has stopped responding and has recovered

So i've been working with this problem for quite sometime now and cant seem to figure out what the problem is. Here is my current setup:

Asus Maximus V Extreme
Intel i7 3770k
Corsair Vengeance 1866 16gb
2x Asus HD7850 2gb
PSU Thermaltake 850w

So the problem persists when I am in Wow or any other game really, ill tab out and be on the web and after a bit of surfing screen goes black then I get that message above. Ive tried running my cards solo and cant get it to crash again but it seems when I run Crossfire that's when it happens. ive tried swapping bridges but to no avail. Both cards have power and the EZplug has power as well(although I doubt its needed, ive tried with and w/o) Temps don't seem to be a problem CPU gets max 55c and max ive seen cards @ is 60c.

In the CCC I have enabled Crossfire and I believe my drivers re up to date(
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  1. Have you installed the newest bios updates with the newest CPU and ram codes??is xmp mode turned on in the bios and is the bios running in standard mode?? Make sure that MVP software did not get installed that tries to bond gpu and ipgpu. It very buggy. Also with two high end cards see if multi monitor support is on and the onboard video is on. Could be and issue with two cards and onboard video drivers.
  2. Bios is up to date, XMP Is on, onboard video has been disabled(was enabled). Im not sure what MVP is(sorry ><)
  3. It the software that comes on the mb cd to bond the ipgpu and gpu to get higher frame rates in games. Software is very buggy.
  4. Ok I just checked the CD and I did not install that option, i have also run memtest and did find one of my RAM sticks did fail quite a bit so got new ones and still same thing is happening.
  5. Run cpuZ see if both cards are the same. Sometimes one card firmware is older then the other.also check that the mb pci bus is reading both cards right. Coud be a dirty pci slot. The last is weak power supply not giving the gpu clean power under load.
  6. CPU-z read both cards the same(although didn't give me any other info than Radeon HD78xx Series) MB PCI looks lik it reads them the same, What would you suggest to stress-test the PSU? or are any on cnet ok?
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