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after further research into the media storage information base i've come to what seems a solution with a slight speed bump that you guys may help me with.
firstly my current hard drive contains my windows 7 home premium operating system. being a slower 5400 rpm drive and restricted to 500 gb capacity id like to install this to hold my future media:

id like to somehow transfer my operating system to this new drive so that i can also utilize this drive:

the reviews state that the solid state cache drive only operates with the drive associated with the operating system. i dont want to hinder myself with limited capacity drive and i am impressed with the idea of the data-plex software and ssd speeds for frequently used data. i realize that 128 g only uses 64 g for cache so it wont be a surprise.

the question is this, is my current hard drive sufficient for gaming and described media in coordination with the cache drive IF i do not STORE movies on the drive or should i upgrade to the higher rpm/capacity drive?

if it is recommended to replace the hard drive how do i go about it without it becoming costly?

i don't know if it matters but would it be helpful in any way to use my 64 g flash drive for transfer?

thanks again for the info.
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  1. I would recommend making the upgrade to a 7200 RPM HDD. Most experts would recommend that you get a fresh install of Windows 7 instead of transferring to get the most performance out of your SSD. That way it will easily recognize the other two drives and you can run stuff off of them no problem. I suppose you could get away with a 5400 RPM drive, it would just make your games seem a bit slower than they should be (as far as loading times and open world rendering) and you'd be the last to load in multilayer matches, which in some games, means that you join the match after it starts.

    How close are you to filling up the 500GB? You can use the 500GB to store movies and music and put your games and programs on the 2TB/SSD depending on how much you use them.
  2. maybe im misunderstanding the idea of this ssd but im under the assumption that it uses half the drive size as cache memory, operating at solid state speeds while not actually storing the information, mostly prioritizing the most frequently used data and working in conjunction with the hard disk for retrieval. this leads me to believe that maybe the actual rpms of the hdd would be somewhat insignificant or am i wrong?
    also like i said earlier the reviews state that it will not operate in raid format or even with a second hard drive, actually only pairing with the boot drive. considering this operating system is barely 60 days old i would hope there was a way to take the data from my current drive and transfer it to the new hard drive IF it is actually needed.
    if my thoughts are true and the spinning speed of the hdd are not important then i would opt to only get the cache drive due to the fact that my C drive is only holding around 225gb of data at the moment and the partition is around 4gb. i will however get whatever is best needed for my gaming and future 3d media storage.

    thanks for the quick reply
  3. Ok, as far as the SSD being 1/2 used up as a chache drive is something ive never heard anyone doing before. I know its possible, but 99% of the people use a SSD as all storage.

    Like I said before, you really dont need a new HDD at the moment since you are only at 250GB but if you notice the games loading really slow, then you know what the problem is.

    Any other questions?
  4. I really appreciate your responses. if you look at the ID number of the item on Newegg you'll notice that is it is a different kind of solid state drive. it actually functions as a cache drive. That being said I'd like some responses on how you think that actually works in reference to how I'm planning on setting it up. All Things Considered with 64 gigs of cache memory at solid-state speeds I should be able to run any game and my operating system very quickly, unless you see it functioning differently than i do. thanks again for your responses
  5. If you have an AMD rig then this would be ok but if you have an Intel board supporting RST you already have this caching feature and could enable it with almost any ssd.
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