Playing World of Warcraft on a Virtual PC?

I often have friends over who play World of Warcraft, but I only have one PC to play on. Is there any way to have World of Warcraft running off a Virtual PC, and playing World of Warcraft on the host computer alone, with 2 keyboard and 2 mice. I've heard of VMWare Workstation, and Microsoft Virtual PC, but I don't know which would work best.

I'm not afraid of my computer being to laggy, for I have an i5 3570k CPU, GTX 670 2GB, and 8GB of RAM. I also have 2 monitors, one for each game.

Thank you!
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  2. thor220 said:

    Thank you!
  3. thor220 said:

    How in the hell? They are twins, that's why.

    On a more serious note, this is pretty cool. Didn't know this existed. Thanks
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