How am I completely anonymous online?

The thing is, I'm paranoid. I don't want anyone to find out what I'm doing on ze internet. I think I've figured out a few things.

1. I should use TOR with noscript.
2. I will use Firefox with Ghostery, Noscript and Adblock Plus.
3. I'll use at least 1 VPN, I thought of setting up 2 with encrypted tunnels and stuff, but I need a good guide on how to do that. My current VPN is leaking DNS and that's a huge problem.
4. Finally, I'll get a good proxy/SOCKS5. What is best and can I use both at the same time?

Is it worth buying a used laptop from someone so nobody can track down my MAC-adress? And of course, I'll be using a non-registred 3G modem.

I need suggenstions on good VPN/Proxy/SOCKS providers.

All kinds of help is appretiated!

/Sorry for my bad english, I'm not from an english talking country
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  1. tigerg said:
    Hmmm, the ONLY people who have ever been this paranoid about hiding on the internet are people doing illegal things. Yet, after all of those precautions they take, and yes there are LOTS more you can do) they end up getting arrested anyway, lol.

    Don't do illegal things and you won't get arrested. Just use the internet like normal people do. All of that extra work you are doing is going to make for a really crappy (as in slow and unreliable) internet experience.

    If you don't want advertisers to follow you, you can do something like step 2 in your list, but don't bother with anymore than that.

    You can belive WHATEVER you want, and me doing something illegal won't happend. What do you suggest I can do more to increase the security?
  2. That's all pointless. All you're doing is lowering your Internet experience. All those tunnels will be a big bullet in your connection speed.
  3. tigerg said:
    I told you, step 2 of your list. And never sign into any website or use Flash, haha.

    But really, the advertisers are moving beyond the traditional tracking cookies, iframes, 1 pixel images and stuff. They will track you, but does it really matter? Your information is already being sold in other manners, especially offline. Part of the whole reason the internet is free (like this very site) is because advertisers pay for it. You gotta give a little to play, buddy.

    You said there was alot more things I could do, I want to know them :)
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