Converting 2nd GPT to MBR

Hi. I want to clone my 2nd Drive (data only) to new identical 1TB Samsung 2,5" drive. Reason is suspect behaviour.
I am using Acronis DD 11 Home. Clone is not available from that disk, but convert to MBR is.

The target disk is MBR. I don't know (recall) why this disk is a GPT.

I understand I have to convert it to MBR before I can clone. Is there any problem if I do the conversion to MBR with a HDD with approx 750 MB worth of data on it?

Thanks for your help
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  1. tigerg said:
    I would just use some cloning software to make a copy of the drive, or more simply, especially if its just data, copy the drive over in Windows.

    More specificall when you say "copy the drive over in Windows", do you mean just dragging contents from the old drive to the new (empty) drive?

    Acronis Disc Director 11 is (among other things) a cloning software, but it will not accept cloning the GPT drive. Iwill have to convert it to MBR first. That was why I asked if that conversion was risky?
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