WD 2TB Caviar Black or Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200 RPM?!

the WD is around 170$ while the Seagate is a 100$, i heard caviar black has a relatively better performance but is it worth it?

alsoi wasnt sure if i should get SSD cuz the build is mainly for gaming + SSD are abit more expensive here, 120/128 Gbs start from 135$ while 250Gbs r at 245$

so should i buy it at these prices, is it worth it? (Note: the whole build will cost around 1300$ without the SSD)

Thanks in Advance :)
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  1. what the caviar black offers compared to other drives is that it has a 5 year warranty period. thats generally what you are paying for including slightly more sturdy build compared to WD other offerings.
  2. yea i thought so too, thnx :)
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