Motherboard has USB 3.0 while case front panel only has USB 2.0

So my motherboard here has USB 3.0:

My case however only has front panel usb 2.0 ports:

What does this mean? I need to buy additional headers or adapters or will my motherboard also have an option on board included for USB 2.0? I don't quite understand yet how all this USB crap works. For front panel USB cables, you need a power cable that goes from MOBO USB to front panel right?

In this case we have a MOBO with USB 3.0 header while front panel has USB 2.0. What do I do?
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  1. Most good mb vendor and case vendors will have a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 cable adaptor in there parts kit.
  2. How do I even know if mines does? I checked on newegg in description but I do not see anything that confirms this.

    Just making sure, a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 cable adapter will plug into the USB 3.0 on the mobo, convert the signal to USB 2.0 and then plug into the front panel correct? Again, just making sure.
  3. Your motherboard has internal connectors for usb3 and usb2. You shouldn't need anything else. Of course, your front panel usb2 ports will work at usb2 transfer speeds.

    Mfgr product page:
  4. 1. Both of your links are for the mobo.

    2. The MOBO has 2xUSB 3.0 ports on it so if you have something with USB 3.0 functionality you can just use those back ports.
  5. Alright now that thats sorted out, i also noticed that the motherboard graphics hdmi supported 1900x1200 max resolution at 60hz. Does this mean i cant play on 120hz monitor?
  6. Yes but it will only 60hz of the monitors capabilities.
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