If going SLI for gaming is gtx 690's better or Titan SLI . Also will 700's be better ?

I am just wondering because I have 2 x 580's and I am wanting to upgrade in the near future . I have been doing some reading . Often then not the new release games I play Do not Support my 580's in SLI to start with . Always seem to have to wait . Is it true ( So I read somewhere) that with the Titans in SLI it will work straight away instead of waiting for a patch to be able to game in SLI straight away ? So the titans dont perform as good as 690. But if going SLI would it be better to get Titans . Also I am wondering if i should wait for the 700's. But as I have been reading they wont really better anyway in performance . But am I wrong ? I really dont know completely so this is why I am creating this thread . So no need to knock me with my knowledge because as I say I am unsure whats what . I really want some feedback from you guys . Speak up because with what I have been reading making a decision at this stage for me is difficult . But getting plenty of feedback will help me determine what to do :) Thanks
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  1. SLI support is indepedent of GPU. Games either support SLI or they don't; GPU doesn't matter.

    As far as performance, a single Titan beats everything except a 690/7990.
    So your best possible performance right now will be with Titans in SLI, although you probably don't need that much rendering muscle.
  2. I would get 2x Titan. 2x 690 will have a bit more performance, but it will go to waste; 4 GPU's and things start to get messy.
  3. Go for a single titan if you feel you need more add another
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